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New York, which is popularly referred to as the city that never sleeps, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities not only in the United States but also across the globe. In this city, you can expect to find peoples of different cultures. The idea of assimilation is, therefore, by far lacking in this city. As a matter of fact, people from different countries of origin and who speak different languages find this city to be such an accommodative home for them. As a result of this, it is not uncommon to witness different types of weddings in this city. Among the common types of weddings that are frequently witnessed in this city are Indian weddings. Indian couples, who value wedding conventions and core religious rites in Hindu culture, prefer to have this type of wedding. For such couples to capture all the memorable moments of the big day, they usually hire a New York Indian wedding photographer.

Indian Weddings in New York

If you are unfamiliar with Indian weddings, then this kind of weddings can seem to be quite bizarre, especially when they are held in a city such a New York. The beauty of it all is that an Indian wedding is not a mere celebration of love. On the contrary, such weddings are also some form of an appreciation of the culture as well as the religion of the couple. If you are therefore a westerner and you are invited to such a wedding, then things can seem to be a little bit strange for you. This is because the unique Hindu culture makes the whole wedding ceremony to be quite unique. This means that the attire, the décor food, entertainment as well as various rituals conducted during the wedding ceremony are influenced by the Indian culture. This implies that only a New York Indian wedding photographer is capable of satisfactorily taking photographs of this special day.

 The formal Attire of an Indian Wedding – the Bride

Similar to other types of weddings, there is a formal dress code that the Bride, Groom and their processions ought to wear during their wedding ceremony. The Indian attire that is worn by the Bride during the wedding celebration is known as a lehenga. Unlike in the west where the Bride wears a white gown, brides who ascribe to Indian culture avoid wearing white attire. This is because, in Indian culture, white is associated with mourning. Specifically, Indian couples opt for different shades of red. It is worth to note that according to the Indian culture, red is associated with not only happiness but also good luck. It is typical for the Bride to have two different lehengasOne is worn during the wedding ceremony while the other one is worn during the reception. Jewels and Henna also complement the attire that is worn by the Bride. It is essential to hire a New York Indian wedding photographer who is good at capturing the critical details of the Bride’s attire.

The Groom’s Attire

Unlike in western weddings, the groom does not wear a suit during the Indian wedding ceremony. On the contrary, he wears a sherwaniwhich is a long jacket which complements chiridas, which are the traditional Indian trousers. The color of choice for most grooms is gold. It is, however, worth to note that the color is generally matched with the Bride’s lehenga. The groom also wears a traditional turban known as surfaOn the feet, the groom wears leather loafers which are known as Mojari. This means that his outfit is not as elegant as that one which is adorned by the Bride. But make no mistake; the groom also gives a deep thought as to the outfit that he will wear during this important day in his life. This is because he needs to stand out during this special event. If you would like someone who really understands this type of wedding to cover your wedding, then you should feel free to order for a New York South Asian Wedding Photographer

The Indian Wedding Guests’ Attire

Generally, an Indian couple usually invites many guests to their wedding. If you are invited to such a wedding, then there is a dress code that you need to adhere to. A helpful rule of thumb is that you should avoid wearing white. As mentioned above, the color of white is associated with mourning. It then follows that it is considered offensive to wear this color in a wedding.

Moreover, you should avoid wearing the color red. This is because this is the color that the Bride wears during the wedding day. Furthermore, one should avoid wearing the revealing or very tight outfit as an Indian wedding is essentially a traditional one. Wearing such outfits can, therefore, be considered as being disrespectful. If you would like to store the memory of the guests attending your wedding, then you should be sure to hire the services of a New York Indian wedding photographer.

The Indian Wedding Ceremony

It is essential to begin by first noting that an Indian wedding ceremony typically lasts on an average of three days. The first day is the haldi or Pith ceremony. The second day is the Sangeet and finally, the actual wedding day is usually the third one. It is therefore important to hire a New York South Asian Wedding Photographer who is available to cover this important event during the three days in which it will take place. The purpose of the first day is to purify the couple that is about to get married. This is done using turmeric paste, which is known as haldi in Hindi. According to the Hindu culture, this paste has the power to cleanse, heal, and beautify. The application of this paste is usually done by family members. This is usually a jovial activity whereby joyful songs are sung. 

Once the process of applying haldi is done, the Bride and her maids begin the process of bonding. They do so by applying Henna on their arms as well as feet. It is believed that the darker the patterns made by the Henna are after drying, the stronger the marriage bond between the groom and the Bride shall be. This is, therefore, such an important part of a Hindu Wedding ceremony. Once you hire a New York Indian wedding photographer from our firm, we will be able to cover all the events, including the essential nitty-gritty details of the first day of your wedding ceremony.

The second day of Indian Wedding Ceremony/Sangeet

It is widely known that Indians love to sing, especially in big groups. During the second day of a Hindu wedding, this is actually what happens. The Bride and groom’s relatives come together to sing and make jokes during this day. It is a perfect opportunity for them to socialize and get to know each other better. It is, however, worth to note that traditionally singing was a reserve of women, but now men are allowed to take part in it. This is done in preparation for the official wedding day, which happens the following day. Again, if you would like to keep memories of this second day of your wedding ceremony, then you should be sure to order for the services of a professional New York South Asian Wedding Photographer.

The Third Day of an Indian Wedding Ceremony

This is normally the day in which the traditional wedding ceremony takes place. In New York, couples prefer to celebrate this day in an outdoor space or ballroom. If the couple chooses to hold their wedding in a ballroom, then it must be big enough as this kind of wedding usually attracts a large number of guests. Moreover, it should also be possible to light an open fire in the ballroom as the open flame is involved during this ceremony.

What is a Baraat?

The baraat is basically the groom’s procession. In an Indian wedding ceremony, the groom makes a grand entrance. You should not, therefore, be surprised to see the groom entering the venue on a horse or in a fancy car. Sometimes the groom might enter the venue on the back of an elephant. During this entrance ceremony, the guests’ dance to the beat of an Indian drum called dholaround the groom. There is usually a lot of fascinating details that a New York Indian wedding photographer can capture during this grand entrance of the groom to the wedding ceremony.

Kanya Aagaman

This is the entrance of the Bride to the venue of the wedding ceremony. The Bride is accompanied by the flower girls as well as her maids as she makes her grand entrance. Sometimes she might be carried by one of the male relatives. Once the grand reveal and entrance are over, the next process that follows is giving away of the Bride, which is known as kanya daan

What is Jai Mala

It is good to note that Bride and the groom are expected to exchange some flower garlands during this unforgettable day. Red roses are usually preferred during this ritual that is known as jai malaApart from this, the groom is supposed to gift the Bride with a necklace. To represent the bond of a lifetime, a female relative from the groom’s side ties a knot between the Bride’s lehenga (Sari) and groom’s scarf. A skilled New York South Asian Wedding Photographer knows how to capture the important details of this ritual.

The Seven Steps

It is not uncommon to see the couple go round the fire during their Indian wedding ceremony. The couple firsts take four steps as they clasp their hands. This symbolizes the key four stages of life. After this, the couple takes the seven famous steps. These symbolize their promises to live with each other as husband as a wife under the Hindu culture. There are specific verses that the pandit (a teacher of scriptures) reads out as the couple takes each of the seven steps. This is basically the first thing that the couple does together as man and wife, and this means that an experienced New York Indian wedding photographer must be sure to put more emphasis on it when covering this type of a wedding.

The Aashivard

Traditionally, the newly wedded couple expects the guests to bless their marriage. This is usually the last event before the reception. This can take a reasonable amount of time as the couple greets the guest each one at a time. They also touch the feet of the guests as a sign of respect. If the guests are too many, the couple can decide to take a bow and save everyone some time, especially the elderly, who might find it very challenging to stand in the queue waiting for their turn to greet the couple.

The Reception

During the reception, the guests, as well as the newly wedded couple, gets refreshment. There is also entertainment whereby every guest is at liberty to showcase his/her dance moves once the couple has officially opened the dance floor. Later on, toasts are made, and gifts are exchanged. Eventually, the married couple leaves the ceremony, and at around midnight, the reception is over. There is no way that a New York South Asian Wedding Photographer can ignore covering the aashivard and reception and still expect to impress the couple with his/her work.

How unique is an Indian Wedding?

To begin with, the attire adorned by both the groom and bride is very different from that is worn by couples who ascribe to the western culture. Secondly, there are elaborate rituals that take place during the wedding ceremony. Thirdly, there is no kissing for the newly married couple. Interestingly, an Indian couple does not show affection during the wedding ceremony. This is because doing so would be considered as being disrespectful by the elders. Moreover, the groom applies some red ash on the Bride’s forehead as a sign that he has married her. As a seasoned New York Indian wedding photographer, you should be able to capture such like unique details of an Indian wedding. We assure you that we are ready to offer you professional services in taking photographs and videos of your Indian wedding in New York today.

As technology evolves so does the manner in which we execute various different tasks. In fact, as time passes innovations are made not only to make doing work easier but also to improve the quality of such work done. One of the latest innovations that has found its way into wedding photography in New York is the use of drones to take videos. It is now possible for a couple to have a New York wedding drone video. Undoubtedly, there are some photographs especially one that requires an aerial view angle that only a drone can capture.  In other words, it has become quite common for photographers to integrate drone cinematography when covering weddings.  Professional photographers in New York are now more than ever before using drones to take pictures in unique angles that would otherwise be impossible to take using ordinary cameras.

Benefits of using a Drone to Cover a Wedding in New York

The most effective and relatively cheap method of capturing spectacular footage of your wedding is by the use of a drone. It is no doubt that the best way to come up with an artistic New York Wedding video is by using a drone to cover the memorable moments of your wedding from an aerial view. Taking shots from wider and higher angles has been made possible by these innovative gadgets. The point here is that your wedding video will be a work of art. A mesmerizing cinematic video.

Moreover, drones are important as they help in creating a more creative video of your wedding. When shooting video using ordinary cameras the angle of view is normally limited. This means that it is difficult to change the perspective of the footage. While using drones, it is possible to shoot at wider angles since you are using an aerial view. Subsequently, you can shoot more creative footage such as the couple and the guests forming the shape of the heart or a circle made by the guests and the couple at the middle. It is only possible to get such footages through an aerial view that is made possible by the drones. A New York wedding drone video is therefore likely to be more entertaining rather than one that has been shot using ordinary cameras.

It is no doubt that the artistic aspect of having a drone at your wedding cannot be overemphasized. By the use of a drone, it is possible to capture really cool and original pictures of the wedding venue. There is no point of hiring your dream wedding venue and still not be able to store the memories of its elegance and beauty in your wedding video. The best way of capturing the beauty of the wedding venue is by the use of aerial view. By so doing, your New York wedding drone video will be transformed into some work of art.

A wedding video can be quite lengthy and not everyone might have enough time to watch the whole of it. Because of this, couples prefer to have a highlight film in addition to the feature film. The purpose of such a film is to highlight the most important or memorable moments of the wedding day. One of the best ways of coming up with such a highlight film is the use of drone in your wedding. A highlight film that has been shot by a drone is far much interesting and enjoyable to watch than the one that has been shot using ordinary cameras. 

If you would also like to have a trailer of your wedding video then you should be sure to use drone when shooting it. A trailer gives a brief overview of what should be expected in your wedding video. If your desire is to have your guests interested in watching the rest of your video after they have watched its trailer then you must be sure to have a drone covered wedding in New York.

Additionally, a wedding video that has been shot using a drone looks like a movie. Interestingly, drone tech has been integrated in cinematography. Hollywood in particular has already adopted this technology as it enhances the look of different scenes from an aerial view. It then follows that a drone covered wedding in New York will produce something that is similar to a movie, creating a more cinematic wedding film.

Most Expensive Wedding Venue in New Jersey

 Pleasantdale Chateau is the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey

It is the dream of every couple to have the most memorable wedding ever. This is the main reason why most couples are extremely thorough when it comes to picking a wedding venue. There are a number of things that are important to consider before selecting such a venue which include but not necessarily limited to: the theme of a certain venue, personalized services, ambience, natural beauty and well-kept facilities. Most importantly, you must ensure that the venue that you pick falls within your budget. If however, you really don’t mind spending a fortune on your special day then you should consider saying “I do” in the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey. There is a debate about which is the most expensive wedding venue between Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange and Crystal Plaza in Livingston. It is arguably true that between these two high-end luxurious wedding venues the most expensive one is Pleasantdale Chateau.

The most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey Offers Magical Wedding Experience

If you want to have a fairy tale wedding in New Jersey then there is no better place to do it than in Pleasantdale Chateau. This wedding venue provides couples with a serene environment that is free from everyday’s hustle and bustle. Whether you would love to have an outdoor or indoor wedding, this venue will serve you just right. Perhaps what makes this venue worth every penny that a couple spends on it is not only the serene environment but also the unmatched services. Utmost care and personalized service is what you should expect should you decide to book this venue which is arguably the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey.

The ambience of most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey is simply magical

Remarkably, Pleasentdale Chateau offers a great backdrop for a wedding. In other words, all the memorable moments of your wedding will be captured in a breathtaking background should you decide to exchange vows in this venue. The charming Gazebos, manicured grounds, ponds and well maintained gardens are most likely going to transform your wedding into a fairy tale that you have been dreaming of ever since you were a child. The grand ballroom is perhaps one of the reasons why Chateau the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey. This room is classically designed and this means that it will give you an authentic feeling of history or travelling back in time. The marvelous glass dome and the perfect lighting of this room give the guest a true feeling of belonging.  The point here is that the whole structure and every detail of this wedding venue is simply magical.

How expensive is Pleasentdale Chateau?

As mentioned above, this wedding venue offers unparalleled facilities as well as services. It is however worth to note that this comes at a cost. For instance, on average a couple will have to spend about $100,000 for not more than two hundred guests in order to hold their wedding at this venue. This price can however significantly increase depending on the extra services that a couple would like to enjoy. You should therefore only consider this venue if you have an “unlimited budget” for your wedding. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY Wedding Photographer, NJ Wedding Photographer, Cinematic Video. 

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The majority of couples have a limited budget for their wedding. This, however, does not mean that you cannot have your dream wedding in the big city due to budget constraints. Highlighted below are the top 10 most affordable wedding venues in New York that you can hire for your wedding.

New York City Fire Museum

If you would like to have your wedding in downtown Manhattan at a very pocket-friendly budget, then this is the perfect venue for you. This venue offers a mix of modern and historic look. It also has a fully equipped kitchen. It is, however, worth to note that you are supposed to come with your caterer. This venue is among the top 10 most affordable wedding venues in New York as with $3,500, and you can hire it for eight hours. It can also accommodate up to 70 seated guests.

Bat Haus

This is definitely an ideal venue for a couple that does not want to spend a lot of money on their wedding. It can host up to 100 guests. The backyard in this venue makes it such a romantic venue to hold a wedding. To hire this facility for 100 guests, you will have to part with less than $4, 000. This, therefore, makes it be among the cheapest wedding venues in New York.

Alger House

This wedding venue attracts a rental fee of $ 2,000. Also, you will have to pay between $ 100 and $ 200 for each of your guests. This venue that has an elegant historic and modern touch also offers a customized menu, staff as well as an open bar. It is, therefore, among the pocket-friendly wedding venues in New York considering the fact that the rates are all-inclusive.


This is a five-storey building with such a fantastic décor. The oriental hangings, ornate fireplaces, and modern art make it such a unique wedding venue. It has a capacity of holding to a maximum of 65 guests. In order to hire this venue, you will have to pay between $1,000 and 3,000.

The 1896

This venue started as a factory in the 20th century. It has now been renovated to become a photo studio as well as a wedding venue. It can host a maximum of 200 guests, and for this number of guests, you will pay $6,000 for a wedding ceremony and reception that will take fourteen hours.

The Aurora Gallery

This is such a unique gallery in New York. Those who are obsessed with art find it to be an ideal venue. Unlike other venues of its status, the Aurora Gallery is among the top 10 most affordable wedding venues in New York. With about $2,000, you can hire this event for your wedding. This rate is for 100 guests.

Sky Gallery

The sculpture garden, the rotating wall art, skylights, and concrete floors make this place such a breathtaking venue to hold a wedding ceremony. This wedding venue can hold up to a maximum of 65 guests. This means that it might not be an ideal venue for you if you would like to invite many guests. The catering services and food are not included in the $2, 000 that you will have to pay to use it for your wedding for eight hours.


This venue is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is an ideal venue for a couple that is working on a tight budget but still wants to tie the knot in an elegant yet affordable venue. It offers full service to the couples. In other words, it has a space for holding the wedding ceremony, a reception as well as a dance floor. It also offers catering services; it has a great sound system, a DJ to entertain your guests, and a full bar. You can hire the event on a per hour basis or a fixed eight hours basis. This is in no doubt among the top 10 most affordable wedding venues in New York.

One Banquet Hall – Queens

This is yet another cheap wedding venue in New York. This venue has several rooms that you can choose to hold your wedding ceremony. This is perhaps what makes it affordable despite its elegance. Notably, the dance floor is quite spacious, and the venue offers catering services. With a budget of about 7K, you can hire this venue for 100 guests.

Grand Oaks

This venue was formerly known as South-Shore Country Club. Despite the many awards that it has won in Manhattan, it remains an affordable wedding venue. One of the advantages of this venue is that it can accommodate many guests. If your guests are anywhere close to 1500, then you should consider it. It is also beautiful as it overlooks a well-maintained golf course. For this, it has rightfully earned its place as being among the top 10 most affordable wedding venues in New York. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY Wedding Photographer, NJ Wedding Photographer, Cinematic Video. 

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What Makes For An Unforgettable Event?

Here at the Chateau Briand Long Island, we believe that spectacular settings, artful cuisine, and world-class service are only the beginning. From weddings and family reunions to birthday parties and corporate events—and everything in between—the Chateau Briand family has what it takes to transcend the typical catering hall and make your experience truly unforgettable.

From the moment you and your guests step through Chateau Briand’s doors, you can expect to be greeted by the event venue’s stunning grand staircase, baby grand piano, and crackling twin fireplaces. Further in you’ll discover Chateau Briand’s newly-renovated ballrooms and hidden garden oasis, all of which bring together classic art deco opulence and modern elegance to create the luxurious, beautifully glamorous atmosphere that the Chateau Briand is known for.

Join us and experience first hand the difference meticulous care, award-winning cuisine, stunning settings, and personalized service can make when planning and experiencing your special Long Island event.

Celebrating your love with the perfect Long Island wedding.

Your wedding day should be one to remember. From the minute you and your partner walk through the doors of the Chateau Briand catering venue, we’ll be there to help you plan, experience, and—most importantly—enjoy your day.

The Best Wedding Venue on Long Island

From the intimate and personal to the glamorous and larger than life—each of the Chateau Briand’s stunning banquet halls combines contemporary chic with timeless art deco grandeur. No matter what your unique vision may be, Chateau Briand caterers has everything you’ll need to make your special day a reality. From our award-winning cuisine to the unparalleled service from our attentive staff—and everything in between—we’re here to give you and your partner the day of a lifetime, right here on Long Island. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY Wedding Photographer, NJ Wedding Photographer, Cinematic Video. 

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Top 10 Wedding Venues in New York

New York, which has come to be commonly known as the “city that never sleeps,” offers a wide variety of wedding venues. Whether you are looking for rooftop celebrations spots, botanical gardens, or a high-class ballroom to tie your knot, then New York has got you covered. There are five popular regions in the metropolitan area in New York, where you are most likely to get a wedding location. These are namely: Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Staten Islands, and Brooklyn. Presented below is a list of the top 10 wedding venues in New York.

Midtown Loft & Terrace

If you want to say “I do” in an urban setup, then this is the perfect venue for you. This venue, which is located on Fifth Avenue, offers an ecstatic view of Manhattan Skyline. Specifically, if you would like your guests to experience the view of Manhattan from all angles, then you should consider booking this venue. –

Manhattan’s Premiere Event Space

decorative image

An upscale venue in the heart of New York City in Midtown Manhattan, offering two distinctly elegant spaces: Midtown Loft and Midtown Terrace—at one exquisite address.

We at Midtown Loft & Terrace understand and appreciate just how important your event is to you. We will ensure that your needs are handled with care and respect. Right down to the finest details, we guarantee that every event hosted at our venue is perfect. We can make your party, wedding or corporate event shine with style. Our reputation for providing the finest quality of services sets us apart from the rest.

Kimpton Hotel Eventi

If you are looking for a classic wedding with an urban vibe, then Kimpton Hotel Eventi might be the venue of your choice. This hotel, which is among the top 10 wedding venues in New York, provides such a fantastic ambiance for the guests. The Ventana Ballroom in this hotel has an ideal space to hold between 250 and 350 guests, depending on the style of reception. –

We’re fresh off an exciting renovation, bringing a new collection of contemporary art and a high-concept design that marries industrial elements with warm fabrics and rich woods. Not to mention flattering natural light throughout our wedding spaces. So be your special snowflake self. We get you

  • Dynamic outdoor spaces with dramatic city views
  • 4,000-square-foot ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Seated dinner for up to 170 guests
  • Cocktail reception for up to 350 guests
  • Beautiful natural light in all our wedding spaces

The Riverside Church

This wedding venue is famous for being open to couples of different faiths or different sexual orientation. It has stunning architecture, and as such, it is just perfect for taking breathtaking wedding photos. Notably, this wedding venue can accommodate both small as well as large wedding ceremonies. –

Weddings at Riverside

Hold Your Wedding – Big or Small – at Riverside!

The Riverside Church is an open and affirming interdenominational Christian church with extensive experience uniting interfaith, heterosexual, and same-sex couples.
Enjoy the traditional elegance of our beautiful architecture, stunning views, and unparalleled ambiance. Exchange vows standing where presidents, dignitaries, and some of the most historic figures of our time have stood. Afterwards, finish your perfect day in one of our exquisite event halls. Big or small, we offer a variety of wedding and reception spaces to fit the size of your wedding and your budget!

The Nave
The splendor of our main worship sanctuary, designed in the tradition of Chartres Cathedral in France, with its beautiful stained glass windows and ornate architecture serves as the perfect backdrop for medium to large weddings.
Link to pics?

Christ Chapel
For weddings of 100 or fewer guests, many couples choose the more intimate Christ Chapel for their ceremony. Christ Chapel is patterned after the eleventh century Romanesque nave of the fortress church of St. Nazaire at Carcassonne.
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Meditation Chapel
For an extremely intimate and private small wedding, the Meditation Chapel may be ideal for your occasion.

Wedding Reception Spaces & Event Rentals

South Hall
Our largest reception hall, South Hall, measures 86 feet in length and 62 feet in width and comes with a full stage and lobby. South Hall can accommodate a party of 350 for a formal sit-down dinner with cocktail reception area or 500 for an open floor reception.

Assembly Hall
This large gothic-style space with stone pillars and stage. It can accommodate a party of 150 for a formal sit-down dinner and 300 for an open floor reception.

Ninth & Tenth Floor Lounges
These two gothic-inspired halls provide spectacular views of the Hudson River and New Jersey on one side and upper Manhattan and the Bronx on the other. The slightly larger Ninth Floor Lounge has its own wood-burning fireplace, and can accommodate a party of 100 for a formal sit-down dinner. The smaller Tenth Floor Lounge offers all the same ambiance, and can accommodate a party of 75 for a formal sit-down dinner.

The Stone House at Clove Lakes

The Patio, gazebo, fantastic architecture, illuminating chandeliers, and scenic view of wildlife are some of the key features that make this venue amazing. The ambiance in this venue makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. –

The perfect getaway in Clove Lakes Park. Escape the everyday grind and experience our fine dining in this picturesque setting on the lake. Enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails. Have your wedding, anniversary, shower or corporate event perfectly planned by our professional staff. We will cater to your every need, and leave you with an incredibly memorable dining experience on our terrace or waterfront patio. See what the buzz is about!

If you’re just walking through the park you can grab a quick snack and take a ride on one of our row boats or pedal boats while enjoying the wildlife and scenery.

The Wagner at the Battery

The elegant indoors of this hotel makes it perfect for luxurious wedding ceremonies. There are a wide variety of cuisines that your guests can choose. It also has ample space. –

Your Dream Day, Your Dream Destination

With exceptional packages, superlative service, iconic Lower Manhattan views and 18,000 square feet of the most stylish indoor and outdoor wedding venues NYC offers, The Wagner is the perfect setting for any wedding or social celebration. TWO WEST STREET NEW YORK, NY

Nicotra’s Ballroom

It is among the top 10 wedding venues in New York, and it is located on South Avenue. The woodlands and gardens around it make it quite unusual. It also has a luxurious ballroom. –

When planning your event at Nicotra’s Ballroom, your magical journey begins by meeting your personal event planner. Bringing your dreams to life, our team will help you every step of the way. With over 40 different preferred professionals to choose from, covering every aspect of your wedding you could imagine, anything is possible for your special day.

Nicotra’s Ballroom, conveniently located in the heart of Staten Island, makes the perfect venue for your celebration. From providing room blocks with group rates for out-of-town guests to complimentary shuttle service to and from Newark airport and the Staten Island Ferry, we have everything covered. We can even plan your rehearsal dinner. To continue the festivities, enjoy breakfast or a brunch buffet with your guests the next morning and create the perfect ending to your special event.

At Nicotra’s Ballroom, we provide all the amenities and services that you will need to produce an effortlessly spectacular event.

Terrace on the Park

It is one of the most iconic New York’s landmarks. The view of the city from this venue is simply amazing. You will also be impressed by the catering services offered. –

Set on the iconic grounds of the New York World’s Fair, Terrace On The Park floats serenely above the lush and verdant backdrop of Flushing Meadow Park, providing panoramic views of the New York skyline. Inside, you will find a breathtaking elegance and sophistication that can be carefully tailored to fit your every need. Terrace On The Park provides meticulous attention to the smallest detail, without allowing that attention to intrude on your enjoyment of your special perfect day. Setting, service, and style; these are the things that make Terrace On The Park the premiere wedding venue in New York.

Whatever you desire, our thorough and attentive staff will ensure that your wedding will be unforgettable for both you and your guests. With more than three decades of experience, our polished and proficient staff not only caters your event, but to your every need and wish. From floral arrangements to entertainment to cakes for the bride and the groom, we ensure that every facet of your wedding planning comes together to create a singular experience for you, your family and your guests. Our goal is to provide you with a consummate service that makes the preparations for your wedding as seamless as they are satisfying.

Our wedding halls can easily accommodate your needs, from an intimate event to the most lavish of ceremonies. Whether your tastes run to a boutique wedding in a chic and elegant setting, or a stunning extravaganza with 360-degree views among our sumptuous outdoor penthouse, we can easily accommodate hundreds. Every wedding should be a New York wedding; and Terrace On The Park is the last word in weddings in NYC.

Five Star Banquet Hall

This glamorous venue is perfect for a large wedding ceremony of about 600 guests. The staff can guide you in configuring the site to meet your specific style. Notably, it has such a large dance floor. –

Five Star Banquet Hall is a luxurious banquet hall located in Long Island City, New York, specializing in weddings and other special occasions. The glamorous property offers a fantastic event space for couples to create their dream wedding celebration. With the guidance and assistance of the venue’s friendly staff, couples can plan every aspect of their day, ensuring the day is an overall success.

Facilities and Capacity

The large open-plan banquet hall has the capability to host the largest most extravagant celebration accommodating up to 600 guests as well as smaller more intimate gatherings of just 25 close friends and family. Great for any type of wedding celebration the banquet hall can be configured in a variety of ways to best suit every couple’s preferred style and specific requirements. Featuring a dozen dazzling chandeliers, high-ceilings, and renovated using a neutral color scheme, couples can apply their own color and design, to reflect their personalities and personal taste. Additionally, there is ample room for a sizable dance floor and live entertainment.

The Foundry

This wedding venue is a historical building from the 19th century that has been restored to give it a modern touch. It has a decent floor size that allows it to accommodate a large number of guests comfortably. You can also choose to either hold an indoor-outdoor wedding ceremony. –


The Foundry is a raw space. The rental of The Foundry includes the main space, comprised of the ground floor and mezzanine, The Courtyard (with or without a tent), a fully equipped kitchen and three staff personnel onsite for your event (see description below). The Terrace, The Greenhouse, The Albra Room, and The Pool Room can be rented as additional spaces. You can use our own caterers (chosen from our list of recommendations), table and chair rentals (provided by Broadway Party Rentals), florists, DJ’s, musicians etc. who all know our space and have worked here before, or you are welcome to bring in professional outside vendors (excluding rentals, tent rental and catering) 

Central Park Boathouse

This urban oasis makes it in the list of the top 10 wedding venues in New York. If you are a boating enthusiast, you will get to enjoy this pleasure on this lake in the central park as this landmark restaurant offers rentable boats. –

Host your private event at the understated, yet exquisite, center of the universe.

Imagine celebrating at the one of the most magical locations in the world. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or another meaningful event—allow The Loeb Boathouse to help you create one-of-a-kind moments and memories. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY Wedding Photographer, NJ Wedding Photographer, Cinematic Video. 

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Are you Wondering about which is the most expensive wedding venue in New York?

One of the key things that a couple has to do when planning for their wedding is to pick a venue. This is usually a very important task and as such, it can be quite overwhelming. There are a number of things that influences one’s choice of a certain wedding venue which include; the number of invited guests, location, parking, theme, style as well as budget. It is however worth to note that there are those fancy couples who would like to tie the knot in the most expensive wedding venue in New York. Remarkably, New York City is in no shortage of luxurious wedding venues. Such venues include but not limited to: The Four Seasons, Capitale, Cipriani, The Pierre, Mandarin Oriental, The America Museum of Natural History and The Plaza Hotel. It is arguably true that out of the aforementioned Wedding Venues, the most expensive one is The Plaza Hotel.

 The Plaza is a world-class hotel that is the most expensive wedding venue in New York

Notably, The Plaza Hotel is the most iconic and beautiful hotel not only in New York City but also in the rest of United States.  This luxurious hotel was opened in 1907. This means that it has been around for over a century. Over this time, it has become a significant landmark in this city that is perfect for celebrating one’s love.

The most expensive wedding venue in New York offers unmatched services

The Plaza Hotel has world-class rooms and suites. Moreover, there is a grand ballroom that your guests will most assuredly find comfortable and lavish. You will also most likely be impressed by not only the culinary mastery but also the personal service that is offered by the team that works in this hotel. There is also a terrace room that is one of a kind. The historical detailing of this room that features Italian renaissance paintings and crystal chandeliers create such an amazing ambiance. If you are planning on holding your wedding in this venue then you better prepared to spend a shekel or two.   

Presented below are the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session. For More ideas and engagement photos check out our Blog and for more creative images of NY wedding photography.

Central park

There is no doubt that Central Park is among the most popular engagement session location in New York. Its natural green landscapes make fantastic backdrops for engagement photos. Other key features, such as classical architecture, unique bridges, and sprawling waters, make this park an ideal location for an engagement session.

Dumbo/Brooklyn Bridge Park

This is one of the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session. Couples love this venue due to several amazing spots that make their engagement photos amazing. Such places include the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. Such structures, together with fantastic graffiti on building structures, make breathtaking backdrops.

Prospect Park

This is yet another breathtaking engagement session in New York. It is particularly perfect for an engagement session during summer. The waterfalls will in no doubt, transform your photos into a feast for the eyes. Nature lovers most assuredly find this location irresistible.

Coney Island

This location is particularly ideal in summer. The beach is in no doubt a location to consider when thinking about a perfect venue for your engagement session. There is no way that you will lack an ideal spot for your engagement photos in the amusement park in this venue that features the Cyclone roller coaster.

Meat Packing District

This is among the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session, and it is below the famous high line park. The industrial landscapes are amazing. The colorful art, as well as cobblestone streets, also form great backdrops for an engagement session.

5th Avenue

This is one of the most elegant streets across the globe. The scenery of the retail shops that are among the most expensive in the world will give a luxurious touch to your wedding photos. There are also Famous Buildings That You Can Use for Your Photo Shoot Such As New York Public Library.

Bethesda Fountain & Boathouse

These two architectural features will make your engagement session unforgettable. It is incredible how the boathouse has blended with the natural surroundings. You should most definitely try out this location.

Botanical Gardens

Notably, the botanical gardens are among the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session. Such gardens provide such a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos.

The Highline

This is an elevated park that is one mile above “the city that never sleeps.” You will get to enjoy the scenery of the Hudson River. The unkempt railroad is equally ideal for breathtaking engagement photos.

Fort Tryon

This is such a gorgeous park. The heather garden and the arcade make this building whose original purpose was to guard the city to be such a fantastic engagement session venue. At the top of this fort, you will have a beautiful view of the bridge, river and the rest of the city. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY – NJ – Worldwide Wedding + Event Photography & Cinematic Video. Where Contemporary Fashion Photography Meets Creative Candid Photojournalism. 

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Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Venues in New Jersey. If you found this interesting check out our REAL wedding Photography in NJ. And Real Wedding Highlights by us PSPi Studios is really cool.

Want to See more NJ wedding venues, the decor at a real wedding, the details, flowers, prep and more. Take a Look Inside, NJ’s Wedding Venues.

New Jersey is one of the states that offer among the best indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Whether you are looking for a venue: that is near the shore, one that is great for a rustic farm wedding, one that has luxurious banquet halls or romantic vineyards then you can be assured of getting such venues in New Jersey. Highlighted below are the top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey.

 Park Chateau Estate and Gardens

This is a relative new hotel as it was opened about two years ago. Despite this it has become very popular especially among those couples whose dream wedding venue is a finely manicured garden. This venue also has a charming private chapel where couples can exchange their wedding vows. This means that whether you would like an indoor or outdoor wedding, this venue has got you covered.

Pleasantdale Chateau

If you would like to tie the knot in northern New Jersey then you should consider doing it at Pleasantdale Chateau. This is because it is one of the top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey. One of its advantages is that it has a large capacity and this means that it is able to accommodate hundreds of guests. Apart from well maintained gardens, this venue also has a grand ballroom.

The Park Savoy

This unique estate is one of the most admired wedding venues in New Jersey. Its architecture has a touch of history and it also has well maintained garden. If you are therefore in need of a uniquely elegant venue for your wedding then you should be sure to consider this estate.

Nanina’s in the Park

This wedding venue is popular because of its Italian style. Specifically, Tuscan-villa architecture and cherry blossom gardens is what characterizes this wedding venue. The pools and ponds in this venue will make your wedding photos to be a feast for the eyes.

Windsor Ballroom

This venue offers both outdoor and indoor options. As a couple, you can choose to exchange your vows in the beautiful ballroom or in the elegant courtyard. The services offered by this venue are unparalleled.

Bello Giorno Estate

This is also one of the top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey. If you would love your wedding to have a countryside theme, then this is the perfect venue for you. The courtyards and terraced gardens will transform your wedding into a fairy tale.

Ballyowen Golf Course

This venue is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The terrain and the native grasses in this venue will in no doubt make your wedding photos to be breathtaking. The club house and the pavilion also offer a viable venue alternative if the weather is not favorable for an outdoor wedding.

Doolan’s Shore Club

If your dream is to say “I do” along a sandy beach then Doolan’s Shore Club is a perfect venue for you. This venue is located near Spring Lake beaches. The beautiful ball rooms and well maintained gardens will provide the ideal ambience for your wedding.

Old Tappan Manor

This venue is perfect for a countryside-themed wedding. It is also great for an outdoor wedding as it has a great landscape.

Crystal Plaza 

Lastly, Crystal Plaza has a spot in the list of top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey. This is one the most romantic venues in New Jersey. Specifically, the gardens are quite breath taking. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY – NJ – Worldwide Wedding + Event Photography & Cinematic Video. Where Contemporary Fashion Photography Meets Creative Candid Photojournalism. 

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Planning a wedding in New York City for a bride is not an easy job to take on. You have to find a venue, catering, flowers, and not to mention an amazing photographer and cinematographer in NY to capture it all, or it’s all for nothing. There is also a very important detail that many don’t even consider. The location of an artistic photo shoot in NYC is a very important part of any creative photojournalistic album.

NYC wedding photography is very unique compared to any other state in America. Having photographed brides cross country from New York to Los Angeles, you get to see things differently and the people are as well. In NYC you have texture. A texture like no other. Elegance and power mixed with a hint of grunge, creates the beauty and mood for taking your wedding photographs in NYC. Think Dumbo, Meat Packing District, and then the opposite such as Prospect park or Central Park.

The setting is another key ingredient to a gorgeous photojournalistic wedding album. In NYC you can go downtown for a vintage wedding, walking and laughing on streets paved with cobble stones. Take a taxi to The Plaza Hotel NY for a different photograph that illuminates elegance.

Creativity doesn’t end in New York City, it evolves. Giving your NY Wedding Photographer, us:) PSPi Studios the time to capture such lasting memories will only increase the wow effect your album will have on those that view it. Don’t have time during the wedding day? Put on your dress again and schedule another day shoot to capture all that NYC has to offer. (What the Professional NYC Wedding Photographers like to call a trash the dress shoot, not really trashing it though:) unless you really want to:)

You will adore the unique images, I guarantee it!