Presented below are the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session. For More ideas and engagement photos check out our Blog and for more creative images of NY wedding photography.

Central park

There is no doubt that Central Park is among the most popular engagement session location in New York. Its natural green landscapes make fantastic backdrops for engagement photos. Other key features, such as classical architecture, unique bridges, and sprawling waters, make this park an ideal location for an engagement session.

Dumbo/Brooklyn Bridge Park

This is one of the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session. Couples love this venue due to several amazing spots that make their engagement photos amazing. Such places include the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. Such structures, together with fantastic graffiti on building structures, make breathtaking backdrops.

Prospect Park

This is yet another breathtaking engagement session in New York. It is particularly perfect for an engagement session during summer. The waterfalls will in no doubt, transform your photos into a feast for the eyes. Nature lovers most assuredly find this location irresistible.

Coney Island

This location is particularly ideal in summer. The beach is in no doubt a location to consider when thinking about a perfect venue for your engagement session. There is no way that you will lack an ideal spot for your engagement photos in the amusement park in this venue that features the Cyclone roller coaster.

Meat Packing District

This is among the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session, and it is below the famous high line park. The industrial landscapes are amazing. The colorful art, as well as cobblestone streets, also form great backdrops for an engagement session.

5th Avenue

This is one of the most elegant streets across the globe. The scenery of the retail shops that are among the most expensive in the world will give a luxurious touch to your wedding photos. There are also Famous Buildings That You Can Use for Your Photo Shoot Such As New York Public Library.

Bethesda Fountain & Boathouse

These two architectural features will make your engagement session unforgettable. It is incredible how the boathouse has blended with the natural surroundings. You should most definitely try out this location.

Botanical Gardens

Notably, the botanical gardens are among the 10 most popular locations in New York for an Engagement session. Such gardens provide such a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos.

The Highline

This is an elevated park that is one mile above “the city that never sleeps.” You will get to enjoy the scenery of the Hudson River. The unkempt railroad is equally ideal for breathtaking engagement photos.

Fort Tryon

This is such a gorgeous park. The heather garden and the arcade make this building whose original purpose was to guard the city to be such a fantastic engagement session venue. At the top of this fort, you will have a beautiful view of the bridge, river and the rest of the city. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY – NJ – Worldwide Wedding + Event Photography & Cinematic Video. Where Contemporary Fashion Photography Meets Creative Candid Photojournalism. 

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Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Venues in New Jersey. If you found this interesting check out our REAL wedding Photography in NJ. And Real Wedding Highlights by us PSPi Studios is really cool.

Want to See more NJ wedding venues, the decor at a real wedding, the details, flowers, prep and more. Take a Look Inside, NJ’s Wedding Venues.

New Jersey is one of the states that offer among the best indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Whether you are looking for a venue: that is near the shore, one that is great for a rustic farm wedding, one that has luxurious banquet halls or romantic vineyards then you can be assured of getting such venues in New Jersey. Highlighted below are the top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey.

 Park Chateau Estate and Gardens

This is a relative new hotel as it was opened about two years ago. Despite this it has become very popular especially among those couples whose dream wedding venue is a finely manicured garden. This venue also has a charming private chapel where couples can exchange their wedding vows. This means that whether you would like an indoor or outdoor wedding, this venue has got you covered.

Pleasantdale Chateau

If you would like to tie the knot in northern New Jersey then you should consider doing it at Pleasantdale Chateau. This is because it is one of the top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey. One of its advantages is that it has a large capacity and this means that it is able to accommodate hundreds of guests. Apart from well maintained gardens, this venue also has a grand ballroom.

The Park Savoy

This unique estate is one of the most admired wedding venues in New Jersey. Its architecture has a touch of history and it also has well maintained garden. If you are therefore in need of a uniquely elegant venue for your wedding then you should be sure to consider this estate.

Nanina’s in the Park

This wedding venue is popular because of its Italian style. Specifically, Tuscan-villa architecture and cherry blossom gardens is what characterizes this wedding venue. The pools and ponds in this venue will make your wedding photos to be a feast for the eyes.

Windsor Ballroom

This venue offers both outdoor and indoor options. As a couple, you can choose to exchange your vows in the beautiful ballroom or in the elegant courtyard. The services offered by this venue are unparalleled.

Bello Giorno Estate

This is also one of the top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey. If you would love your wedding to have a countryside theme, then this is the perfect venue for you. The courtyards and terraced gardens will transform your wedding into a fairy tale.

Ballyowen Golf Course

This venue is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The terrain and the native grasses in this venue will in no doubt make your wedding photos to be breathtaking. The club house and the pavilion also offer a viable venue alternative if the weather is not favorable for an outdoor wedding.

Doolan’s Shore Club

If your dream is to say “I do” along a sandy beach then Doolan’s Shore Club is a perfect venue for you. This venue is located near Spring Lake beaches. The beautiful ball rooms and well maintained gardens will provide the ideal ambience for your wedding.

Old Tappan Manor

This venue is perfect for a countryside-themed wedding. It is also great for an outdoor wedding as it has a great landscape.

Crystal Plaza 

Lastly, Crystal Plaza has a spot in the list of top 10 most popular wedding venues in New Jersey. This is one the most romantic venues in New Jersey. Specifically, the gardens are quite breath taking. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY – NJ – Worldwide Wedding + Event Photography & Cinematic Video. Where Contemporary Fashion Photography Meets Creative Candid Photojournalism. 

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Planning a wedding in New York City for a bride is not an easy job to take on. You have to find a venue, catering, flowers, and not to mention an amazing photographer and cinematographer in NY to capture it all, or it’s all for nothing. There is also a very important detail that many don’t even consider. The location of an artistic photo shoot in NYC is a very important part of any creative photojournalistic album.

NYC wedding photography is very unique compared to any other state in America. Having photographed brides cross country from New York to Los Angeles, you get to see things differently and the people are as well. In NYC you have texture. A texture like no other. Elegance and power mixed with a hint of grunge, creates the beauty and mood for taking your wedding photographs in NYC. Think Dumbo, Meat Packing District, and then the opposite such as Prospect park or Central Park.

The setting is another key ingredient to a gorgeous photojournalistic wedding album. In NYC you can go downtown for a vintage wedding, walking and laughing on streets paved with cobble stones. Take a taxi to The Plaza Hotel NY for a different photograph that illuminates elegance.

Creativity doesn’t end in New York City, it evolves. Giving your NY Wedding Photographer, us:) PSPi Studios the time to capture such lasting memories will only increase the wow effect your album will have on those that view it. Don’t have time during the wedding day? Put on your dress again and schedule another day shoot to capture all that NYC has to offer. (What the Professional NYC Wedding Photographers like to call a trash the dress shoot, not really trashing it though:) unless you really want to:)

You will adore the unique images, I guarantee it!