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When planning your event at Nicotra’s Ballroom, your magical journey begins by meeting your personal event planner. Bringing your dreams to life, our team will help you every step of the way. With over 40 different preferred professionals to choose from, covering every aspect of your wedding you could imagine, anything is possible for your special day. Nicotra’s Ballroom, conveniently located in the heart of Staten Island, makes the perfect venue for your celebration. From providing room blocks with group rates for out-of-town guests to complimentary shuttle service to and from Newark airport and the Staten Island Ferry, we have everything covered. We can even plan your rehearsal dinner. To continue the festivities, enjoy breakfast or a brunch buffet with your guests the next morning and create the perfect ending to your special event. At Nicotra’s Ballroom, we provide all the amenities and services that you will need to produce an effortlessly spectacular event.

OUTDOOR GARDEN WEDDING Nestled in 415 acres of protected woodlands, The Gardens at Nicotra’s Ballroom is the perfect spot for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Our beautifully manicured great lawn and Florentine gazebo are complimented by unique sculptures and grand fountains. Pathways lead through the trees to a romantic bridal swing creating the ideal backdrop for photos. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios, NY Wedding Photographer, NJ Wedding Photographer, Cinematic Video. 

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Widely regarded as Westchester’s Premier Waterfront Wedding Venue.

As you and your guests arrive on our secluded island, welcomed by uniformed valet and doormen, you will experience the beauty and elegance of our storybook setting.

You and your guests will enjoy the attentive personal service of our seasoned, professional staff and the world-class cuisine of our accomplished culinary chef.

Our spectacular ballrooms with private entrances, elegant non-denominational wedding chapel with waterfront views, spatial cocktail lounges and spa-like bridal suites will make your special day into an everlasting memory.

Cinematic Intro DJ PARTY MIX by PSPi Studios – MORE THAN MUSIC – Over 30 years ago MTM Events was founded as More Than Music. Today, as MTM Events, it has grown into a full service “one-stop-shop” organization offering an impressive array of party services all under one roof. In a business where new ideas are often imitated, MTM Events has earned a reputation for representing some of the hottest private party talent in the industry and for being innovators who constantly adapt to the times by incorporating the latest technology into its party design concepts. With a sales and design team with decades of experience, the company provides creative entertainment solutions for many of the New York metro area’s most sophisticated social, corporate and charitable parties and events. Professional DJ’s and Musicians Bar/Bat Mitzvah MC’s and Party Entertainers Lighting, Staging & Audio/Visual Services Games & Entertainment

PSPi Studios NY & NJ Wedding Photography & Cinematic Video

Wedding flowers and Decor –

Renowned & preferred as a leader in the floral event design affiliation, owner Erik Olsson’s dedication to the wedding industry began long before he started Amaryllis Event Décor in 1990. Today, Amaryllis Event Decor has grown into a prestigious floral showroom through word of mouth and referrals by satisfied clients. Since inception, has also been showcase featured in numerous national bridal and event publications and is recognized as a leader in the floral and event decorating industry.

Amaryllis Event Décor creates unique and custom-made designs, expertly and perfectly tailored to each client’s individual needs. Beautiful and elegant set-ups, candles & floating candle accents, rhinestone & gem accents, crystal, iron or glass stands. The highest quality of the world’s flowers and materials are used to produce breathtaking creations that are lush, rich & produce a result that will invoke memories to last a lifetime.
Erik’s goal is to create the most wonderful environments for his clients. Understanding, listening and believing the client’s vision is the key to creating breathtaking unforgettable events.

Wedding Dress

Designed in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and manufactured with the highest quality fabrics, Eddy K has the perfect wedding gown for every bride.

From sophisticated couture gowns to elegant destination dresses, Eddy K’s attention to detail flatters all figures and offers styles for any taste or special occasion.

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Wedding Cake – proud to be named the best bakery in Bergen county and northern NJ over several years. Our custom cake bakery is located in close proximity to Park Ridge, Montvale, Woodcliff Lake, and Hillsdale. Moreover, we have served customers in Westwood, Emerson, Ramsey and Mahwah. Whether you are looking for a fancy bakery with pastries and cookies or a custom cakes bakery, we are grateful to be the chosen bakery near you.

“…The Oscar’s Style Photo Booth is Amazing…”

– 2019 Wedding Alison G.

…we had SOOOO much fun!!! My guests loved it all, and they got a memento from our wedding!!! “

-2019 Wedding Jacky B.

Our Style of Photo Booth is more versatile and customer friendly than your average step-in-and-snap. We bring in a HUGE amount of props. Or we can create a classier styled shoot that matches with your wedding style. Either way your guests will feel like STARS!!! @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios, NY Wedding Photographer, NJ Wedding Photographer, Cinematic Video. 

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Our Style of Photo Booth

You will be impressed by our New York Wedding Photo Booth

If you are a couple and you are looking for a New York wedding photo booth, then you have come to the right place. We have a reputation for transforming any wedding into one that deserves the wedding of the year award by the quality of our wedding photo booth. When you bring us to your wedding, you can be sure that we shall not disappoint. This is because we value client satisfaction and going in line with this; we offer personalized services. Once you hire us, you can be sure that your wedding shall be a huge party where everyone, both young and those not so young, will enjoy themselves and make memorable moments. You can also be assured that a professional New York wedding photographer will be sure to capture all the terrific details that you would like to store in your wedding photo album. Our style of photo booth is unique in several ways, as highlighted below.

Our Wedding Photo Booth Services are customized

To begin with, we strive to offer custom services to all our clients. Once you hire our New York wedding photo booth, you can rest assured that all your guests will go home not only excited but also satisfied with our services. Our photo booth experience is nothing short of the one that movie stars get during the Oscars. We strive to make sure that each of the guests that use our photo booth feels like a movie star. This means that each of your guests that will take a photo from our booth will go home with pleasant memories of your wedding.

The Quality of Photos Produced by our Wedding Photo Booth is Outstanding

Secondly, we understand the need for keepsakes. To this end, we take high-quality photos of your guests and print them on the spot. We also frame the pictures at your guests’ request. This means that if you are looking for a professional New York wedding photographer who will make it possible for your clients to take something home from your wedding, then you have come to the right place. 

Our Clients gets to save on Wedding Favors

Moreover, we understand that a wedding need not be gloomy. The guests at a wedding ought to enjoy themselves as much as the couple. It is for this reason that we provide a wide range of props that the guests that can use when taking photos. Such props help the guests to have fun in our New York wedding photo booth. This is in the sense that they can make different poses, even the silly ones, using a variety of props, and this makes the whole activity to be very entertaining. The result of this is that you will have many photos in your wedding photography that most definitely will be a feast for the eyes.

Why you should consider hiring Wedding Day Photo Booths

Is it a good idea to hire a Wedding Day Photo Booth?

It is no doubt that keeping wedding memories is very important for not only the couple as well as the guests. When the celebrations are all over, and normalcy has returned, the only thing that you will have from your wedding day is the memories. There is no better way of keeping such memories than in a photograph. Apart from having other accessories that make a wedding memorable such as a breathtaking venue, a band or DJ, guests, catering as well as a professional photographer among others, you should consider hiring a wedding photo booth for your wedding. It is particularly easy to hire a New York wedding photo booth, so there is no excuse for not having this great complement during your wedding ceremony. Perhaps, you might be wondering why it is essential to hire a wedding photo booth instead of just hiring a New York wedding photographer. Presented below are the key reasons why this wedding accessory is a must-have.

A Wedding Day Photo Booth is a Must-Have

To begin with, every couple needs a wedding photo booth. There is no way that you can be aspiring to make the best memories ever without including a photo booth in your wedding plans. Your big day cannot be complete without it as it lightens up the mood of everyone. Most importantly, as a couple, you would want to keep the memories of everyone who attended your wedding. The majority of photo booths have a guestbook where the copies of the pictures taken are retained for the couple. It is, therefore, needless to overemphasize the fact that you really have no choice but to hire a New York wedding photo booth if you truly want to have pictures of all the guests that attended your special day.

A New York Wedding Photo Booth adds entertainment to your wedding

Most importantly, a photo booth is a source of entertainment for the guests. A wedding day usually is a happy day. This means that you would want to keep your guests entertained. In addition to a dance floor, a New York wedding photo booth will help you in accomplishing that goal. Your guests will have a chance to sneak into the photo booth and take all manner of photos making different faces using different available props. This means that this wedding accessory that is a must-have will enable the guests to loosen up and forget about formality a little bit, and by so doing, they will have more fun during your big day.

A Wedding Booth enables the Guest to take the loving memories of your Wedding Home Moreover, there are only so many photos that a New York wedding photographer or any other wedding photographer can take. This means that some of your guests might miss out on your wedding album photos. Luckily, everyone gets a chance to smile at the camera when your wedding has a photo booth. Furthermore, all the guests will have something to take home from your wedding. It is then needless to overemphasize the fact that hiring a New York wedding photo booth is a good way of ensuring that your guests will take home something to remind them about this special occasion.

Most importantly, our New York wedding photographer will make sure that all your guests take home high-quality pictures. Subsequently, the captured memorable moments of your wedding will serve as worthy wedding favors for them. This means that you do not have to blow the budget of your wedding on wedding favors.

Chart House Restaurant is a beautiful waterfront restaurant located in Weehawken, New Jersey. From the George Washington to the Verrazano Bridges, the historic restaurant provides truly spectacular views of the gorgeous and iconic Manhattan skyline. The spacious areas can be transformed to best suit each couple’s personal design, allowing them to create the wedding of their dreams.

New York Indian Wedding Photographer | New York South Asian Wedding Photographer

New York, which is popularly referred to as the city that never sleeps, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities not only in the United States but also across the globe. In this city, you can expect to find peoples of different cultures. The idea of assimilation is, therefore, by far lacking in this city. As a matter of fact, people from different countries of origin and who speak different languages find this city to be such an accommodative home for them. As a result of this, it is not uncommon to witness different types of weddings in this city. Among the common types of weddings that are frequently witnessed in this city are Indian weddings. Indian couples, who value wedding conventions and core religious rites in Hindu culture, prefer to have this type of wedding. For such couples to capture all the memorable moments of the big day, they usually hire a New York Indian wedding photographer.

Indian Weddings in New York

If you are unfamiliar with Indian weddings, then this kind of weddings can seem to be quite bizarre, especially when they are held in a city such a New York. The beauty of it all is that an Indian wedding is not a mere celebration of love. On the contrary, such weddings are also some form of an appreciation of the culture as well as the religion of the couple. If you are therefore a westerner and you are invited to such a wedding, then things can seem to be a little bit strange for you. This is because the unique Hindu culture makes the whole wedding ceremony to be quite unique. This means that the attire, the décor food, entertainment as well as various rituals conducted during the wedding ceremony are influenced by the Indian culture. This implies that only a New York Indian wedding photographer is capable of satisfactorily taking photographs of this special day.

 The formal Attire of an Indian Wedding – the Bride

Similar to other types of weddings, there is a formal dress code that the Bride, Groom and their processions ought to wear during their wedding ceremony. The Indian attire that is worn by the Bride during the wedding celebration is known as a lehenga. Unlike in the west where the Bride wears a white gown, brides who ascribe to Indian culture avoid wearing white attire. This is because, in Indian culture, white is associated with mourning. Specifically, Indian couples opt for different shades of red. It is worth to note that according to the Indian culture, red is associated with not only happiness but also good luck. It is typical for the Bride to have two different lehengasOne is worn during the wedding ceremony while the other one is worn during the reception. Jewels and Henna also complement the attire that is worn by the Bride. It is essential to hire a New York Indian wedding photographer who is good at capturing the critical details of the Bride’s attire.

The Groom’s Attire

Unlike in western weddings, the groom does not wear a suit during the Indian wedding ceremony. On the contrary, he wears a sherwaniwhich is a long jacket which complements chiridas, which are the traditional Indian trousers. The color of choice for most grooms is gold. It is, however, worth to note that the color is generally matched with the Bride’s lehenga. The groom also wears a traditional turban known as surfaOn the feet, the groom wears leather loafers which are known as Mojari. This means that his outfit is not as elegant as that one which is adorned by the Bride. But make no mistake; the groom also gives a deep thought as to the outfit that he will wear during this important day in his life. This is because he needs to stand out during this special event. If you would like someone who really understands this type of wedding to cover your wedding, then you should feel free to order for a New York South Asian Wedding Photographer

The Indian Wedding Guests’ Attire

Generally, an Indian couple usually invites many guests to their wedding. If you are invited to such a wedding, then there is a dress code that you need to adhere to. A helpful rule of thumb is that you should avoid wearing white. As mentioned above, the color of white is associated with mourning. It then follows that it is considered offensive to wear this color in a wedding.

Moreover, you should avoid wearing the color red. This is because this is the color that the Bride wears during the wedding day. Furthermore, one should avoid wearing the revealing or very tight outfit as an Indian wedding is essentially a traditional one. Wearing such outfits can, therefore, be considered as being disrespectful. If you would like to store the memory of the guests attending your wedding, then you should be sure to hire the services of a New York Indian wedding photographer.

The Indian Wedding Ceremony

It is essential to begin by first noting that an Indian wedding ceremony typically lasts on an average of three days. The first day is the haldi or Pith ceremony. The second day is the Sangeet and finally, the actual wedding day is usually the third one. It is therefore important to hire a New York South Asian Wedding Photographer who is available to cover this important event during the three days in which it will take place. The purpose of the first day is to purify the couple that is about to get married. This is done using turmeric paste, which is known as haldi in Hindi. According to the Hindu culture, this paste has the power to cleanse, heal, and beautify. The application of this paste is usually done by family members. This is usually a jovial activity whereby joyful songs are sung. 

Once the process of applying haldi is done, the Bride and her maids begin the process of bonding. They do so by applying Henna on their arms as well as feet. It is believed that the darker the patterns made by the Henna are after drying, the stronger the marriage bond between the groom and the Bride shall be. This is, therefore, such an important part of a Hindu Wedding ceremony. Once you hire a New York Indian wedding photographer from our firm, we will be able to cover all the events, including the essential nitty-gritty details of the first day of your wedding ceremony.

The second day of Indian Wedding Ceremony/Sangeet

It is widely known that Indians love to sing, especially in big groups. During the second day of a Hindu wedding, this is actually what happens. The Bride and groom’s relatives come together to sing and make jokes during this day. It is a perfect opportunity for them to socialize and get to know each other better. It is, however, worth to note that traditionally singing was a reserve of women, but now men are allowed to take part in it. This is done in preparation for the official wedding day, which happens the following day. Again, if you would like to keep memories of this second day of your wedding ceremony, then you should be sure to order for the services of a professional New York South Asian Wedding Photographer.

The Third Day of an Indian Wedding Ceremony

This is normally the day in which the traditional wedding ceremony takes place. In New York, couples prefer to celebrate this day in an outdoor space or ballroom. If the couple chooses to hold their wedding in a ballroom, then it must be big enough as this kind of wedding usually attracts a large number of guests. Moreover, it should also be possible to light an open fire in the ballroom as the open flame is involved during this ceremony.

What is a Baraat?

The baraat is basically the groom’s procession. In an Indian wedding ceremony, the groom makes a grand entrance. You should not, therefore, be surprised to see the groom entering the venue on a horse or in a fancy car. Sometimes the groom might enter the venue on the back of an elephant. During this entrance ceremony, the guests’ dance to the beat of an Indian drum called dholaround the groom. There is usually a lot of fascinating details that a New York Indian wedding photographer can capture during this grand entrance of the groom to the wedding ceremony.

Kanya Aagaman

This is the entrance of the Bride to the venue of the wedding ceremony. The Bride is accompanied by the flower girls as well as her maids as she makes her grand entrance. Sometimes she might be carried by one of the male relatives. Once the grand reveal and entrance are over, the next process that follows is giving away of the Bride, which is known as kanya daan

What is Jai Mala

It is good to note that Bride and the groom are expected to exchange some flower garlands during this unforgettable day. Red roses are usually preferred during this ritual that is known as jai malaApart from this, the groom is supposed to gift the Bride with a necklace. To represent the bond of a lifetime, a female relative from the groom’s side ties a knot between the Bride’s lehenga (Sari) and groom’s scarf. A skilled New York South Asian Wedding Photographer knows how to capture the important details of this ritual.

The Seven Steps

It is not uncommon to see the couple go round the fire during their Indian wedding ceremony. The couple firsts take four steps as they clasp their hands. This symbolizes the key four stages of life. After this, the couple takes the seven famous steps. These symbolize their promises to live with each other as husband as a wife under the Hindu culture. There are specific verses that the pandit (a teacher of scriptures) reads out as the couple takes each of the seven steps. This is basically the first thing that the couple does together as man and wife, and this means that an experienced New York Indian wedding photographer must be sure to put more emphasis on it when covering this type of a wedding.

The Aashivard

Traditionally, the newly wedded couple expects the guests to bless their marriage. This is usually the last event before the reception. This can take a reasonable amount of time as the couple greets the guest each one at a time. They also touch the feet of the guests as a sign of respect. If the guests are too many, the couple can decide to take a bow and save everyone some time, especially the elderly, who might find it very challenging to stand in the queue waiting for their turn to greet the couple.

The Reception

During the reception, the guests, as well as the newly wedded couple, gets refreshment. There is also entertainment whereby every guest is at liberty to showcase his/her dance moves once the couple has officially opened the dance floor. Later on, toasts are made, and gifts are exchanged. Eventually, the married couple leaves the ceremony, and at around midnight, the reception is over. There is no way that a New York South Asian Wedding Photographer can ignore covering the aashivard and reception and still expect to impress the couple with his/her work.

How unique is an Indian Wedding?

To begin with, the attire adorned by both the groom and bride is very different from that is worn by couples who ascribe to the western culture. Secondly, the