“…The Oscar’s Style Photo Booth is Amazing…”

– 2019 Wedding Alison G.

…we had SOOOO much fun!!! My guests loved it all, and they got a memento from our wedding!!! “

-2019 Wedding Jacky B.

Our Style of Photo Booth is more versatile and customer friendly than your average step-in-and-snap. We bring in a HUGE amount of props. Or we can create a classier styled shoot that matches with your wedding style. Either way your guests will feel like STARS!!!

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Our Style of Photo Booth

You will be impressed by our New York Wedding Photo Booth

If you are a couple and you are looking for a New York wedding photo booth, then you have come to the right place. We have a reputation for transforming any wedding into one that deserves the wedding of the year award by the quality of our wedding photo booth. When you bring us to your wedding, you can be sure that we shall not disappoint. This is because we value client satisfaction and going in line with this; we offer personalized services. Once you hire us, you can be sure that your wedding shall be a huge party where everyone, both young and those not so young, will enjoy themselves and make memorable moments. You can also be assured that a professional New York wedding photographer will be sure to capture all the terrific details that you would like to store in your wedding photo album. Our style of photo booth is unique in several ways, as highlighted below.

Our Wedding Photo Booth Services are customized

To begin with, we strive to offer custom services to all our clients. Once you hire our New York wedding photo booth, you can rest assured that all your guests will go home not only excited but also satisfied with our services. Our photo booth experience is nothing short of the one that movie stars get during the Oscars. We strive to make sure that each of the guests that use our photo booth feels like a movie star. This means that each of your guests that will take a photo from our booth will go home with pleasant memories of your wedding.

The Quality of Photos Produced by our Wedding Photo Booth is Outstanding

Secondly, we understand the need for keepsakes. To this end, we take high-quality photos of your guests and print them on the spot. We also frame the pictures at your guests’ request. This means that if you are looking for a professional New York wedding photographer who will make it possible for your clients to take something home from your wedding, then you have come to the right place. 

Our Clients gets to save on Wedding Favors

Moreover, we understand that a wedding need not be gloomy. The guests at a wedding ought to enjoy themselves as much as the couple. It is for this reason that we provide a wide range of props that the guests that can use when taking photos. Such props help the guests to have fun in our New York wedding photo booth. This is in the sense that they can make different poses, even the silly ones, using a variety of props, and this makes the whole activity to be very entertaining. The result of this is that you will have many photos in your wedding photography that most definitely will be a feast for the eyes.

Why you should consider hiring Wedding Day Photo Booths

Is it a good idea to hire a Wedding Day Photo Booth?

It is no doubt that keeping wedding memories is very important for not only the couple as well as the guests. When the celebrations are all over, and normalcy has returned, the only thing that you will have from your wedding day is the memories. There is no better way of keeping such memories than in a photograph. Apart from having other accessories that make a wedding memorable such as a breathtaking venue, a band or DJ, guests, catering as well as a professional photographer among others, you should consider hiring a wedding photo booth for your wedding. It is particularly easy to hire a New York wedding photo booth, so there is no excuse for not having this great complement during your wedding ceremony. Perhaps, you might be wondering why it is essential to hire a wedding photo booth instead of just hiring a New York wedding photographer. Presented below are the key reasons why this wedding accessory is a must-have.

A Wedding Day Photo Booth is a Must-Have

To begin with, every couple needs a wedding photo booth. There is no way that you can be aspiring to make the best memories ever without including a photo booth in your wedding plans. Your big day cannot be complete without it as it lightens up the mood of everyone. Most importantly, as a couple, you would want to keep the memories of everyone who attended your wedding. The majority of photo booths have a guestbook where the copies of the pictures taken are retained for the couple. It is, therefore, needless to overemphasize the fact that you really have no choice but to hire a New York wedding photo booth if you truly want to have pictures of all the guests that attended your special day.

A New York Wedding Photo Booth adds entertainment to your wedding

Most importantly, a photo booth is a source of entertainment for the guests. A wedding day usually is a happy day. This means that you would want to keep your guests entertained. In addition to a dance floor, a New York wedding photo booth will help you in accomplishing that goal. Your guests will have a chance to sneak into the photo booth and take all manner of photos making different faces using different available props. This means that this wedding accessory that is a must-have will enable the guests to loosen up and forget about formality a little bit, and by so doing, they will have more fun during your big day.

A Wedding Booth enables the Guest to take the loving memories of your Wedding Home Moreover, there are only so many photos that a New York wedding photographer or any other wedding photographer can take. This means that some of your guests might miss out on your wedding album photos. Luckily, everyone gets a chance to smile at the camera when your wedding has a photo booth. Furthermore, all the guests will have something to take home from your wedding. It is then needless to overemphasize the fact that hiring a New York wedding photo booth is a good way of ensuring that your guests will take home something to remind them about this special occasion.

Most importantly, our New York wedding photographer will make sure that all your guests take home high-quality pictures. Subsequently, the captured memorable moments of your wedding will serve as worthy wedding favors for them. This means that you do not have to blow the budget of your wedding on wedding favors.