Are you Wondering about which is the most expensive wedding venue in New York?

One of the key things that a couple has to do when planning for their wedding is to pick a venue. This is usually a very important task and as such, it can be quite overwhelming. There are a number of things that influences one’s choice of a certain wedding venue which include; the number of invited guests, location, parking, theme, style as well as budget. It is however worth to note that there are those fancy couples who would like to tie the knot in the most expensive wedding venue in New York. Remarkably, New York City is in no shortage of luxurious wedding venues. Such venues include but not limited to: The Four Seasons, Capitale, Cipriani, The Pierre, Mandarin Oriental, The America Museum of Natural History and The Plaza Hotel. It is arguably true that out of the aforementioned Wedding Venues, the most expensive one is The Plaza Hotel.

 The Plaza is a world-class hotel that is the most expensive wedding venue in New York

Notably, The Plaza Hotel is the most iconic and beautiful hotel not only in New York City but also in the rest of United States.  This luxurious hotel was opened in 1907. This means that it has been around for over a century. Over this time, it has become a significant landmark in this city that is perfect for celebrating one’s love.

The most expensive wedding venue in New York offers unmatched services

The Plaza Hotel has world-class rooms and suites. Moreover, there is a grand ballroom that your guests will most assuredly find comfortable and lavish. You will also most likely be impressed by not only the culinary mastery but also the personal service that is offered by the team that works in this hotel. There is also a terrace room that is one of a kind. The historical detailing of this room that features Italian renaissance paintings and crystal chandeliers create such an amazing ambiance. If you are planning on holding your wedding in this venue then you better prepared to spend a shekel or two.