NYC Wedding Photography: A Setting for an Artistic Wedding Album PSPi Studios is an Award Winning NYC, New York, & NJ Wedding Photography & Cinematography Studio and also in Miami and Los Angeles, Israel is a big one, Moscow, Italy, France, you name it, and Most recently Monaco:)

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Planning a wedding in New York City for a bride is not an easy job to take on. You have to find a venue, catering, flowers, and not to mention an amazing photographer and cinematographer in NY to capture it all, or it’s all for nothing. There is also a very important detail that many don’t even consider. The location of an artistic photo shoot in NYC is a very important part of any creative photojournalistic album.

NYC wedding photography is very unique compared to any other state in America. Having photographed brides cross country from New York to Los Angeles, you get to see things differently and the people are as well. In NYC you have texture. A texture like no other. Elegance and power mixed with a hint of grunge, creates the beauty and mood for taking your wedding photographs in NYC. Think Dumbo, Meat Packing District, and then the opposite such as Prospect park or Central Park.

The setting is another key ingredient to a gorgeous photojournalistic wedding album. In NYC you can go downtown for a vintage wedding, walking and laughing on streets paved with cobble stones. Take a taxi to The Plaza Hotel NY for a different photograph that illuminates elegance.

Creativity doesn’t end in New York City, it evolves. Giving your NY Wedding Photographer, us:) PSPi Studios the time to capture such lasting memories will only increase the wow effect your album will have on those that view it. Don’t have time during the wedding day? Put on your dress again and schedule another day shoot to capture all that NYC has to offer. (What the Professional NYC Wedding Photographers like to call a trash the dress shoot, not really trashing it though:) unless you really want to:)

You will adore the unique images, I guarantee it!

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