Most Expensive Wedding Venue in New Jersey

 Pleasantdale Chateau is the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey

It is the dream of every couple to have the most memorable wedding ever. This is the main reason why most couples are extremely thorough when it comes to picking a wedding venue. There are a number of things that are important to consider before selecting such a venue which include but not necessarily limited to: the theme of a certain venue, personalized services, ambience, natural beauty and well-kept facilities. Most importantly, you must ensure that the venue that you pick falls within your budget. If however, you really don’t mind spending a fortune on your special day then you should consider saying “I do” in the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey. There is a debate about which is the most expensive wedding venue between Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange and Crystal Plaza in Livingston. It is arguably true that between these two high-end luxurious wedding venues the most expensive one is Pleasantdale Chateau.

The most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey Offers Magical Wedding Experience

If you want to have a fairy tale wedding in New Jersey then there is no better place to do it than in Pleasantdale Chateau. This wedding venue provides couples with a serene environment that is free from everyday’s hustle and bustle. Whether you would love to have an outdoor or indoor wedding, this venue will serve you just right. Perhaps what makes this venue worth every penny that a couple spends on it is not only the serene environment but also the unmatched services. Utmost care and personalized service is what you should expect should you decide to book this venue which is arguably the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey.

The ambience of most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey is simply magical

Remarkably, Pleasentdale Chateau offers a great backdrop for a wedding. In other words, all the memorable moments of your wedding will be captured in a breathtaking background should you decide to exchange vows in this venue. The charming Gazebos, manicured grounds, ponds and well maintained gardens are most likely going to transform your wedding into a fairy tale that you have been dreaming of ever since you were a child. The grand ballroom is perhaps one of the reasons why Chateau the most expensive wedding venue in New Jersey. This room is classically designed and this means that it will give you an authentic feeling of history or travelling back in time. The marvelous glass dome and the perfect lighting of this room give the guest a true feeling of belonging.  The point here is that the whole structure and every detail of this wedding venue is simply magical.

How expensive is Pleasentdale Chateau?

As mentioned above, this wedding venue offers unparalleled facilities as well as services. It is however worth to note that this comes at a cost. For instance, on average a couple will have to spend about $100,000 for not more than two hundred guests in order to hold their wedding at this venue. This price can however significantly increase depending on the extra services that a couple would like to enjoy. You should therefore only consider this venue if you have an “unlimited budget” for your wedding. @pavelshpakphoto PSPi Studios NY Wedding Photographer, NJ Wedding Photographer, Cinematic Video. 

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